We are experts in the restoration of dinghy’s, RIBs and inflatable boats, and we can repair your boat professionally in which durability, precision and good overall quality is paramount. To this end, we apply the latest techniques, we draw on the knowledge and expertise that we have built up from our years of experience with repairing dinghy’s, and we only the best materials and parts for the repair of damaged boats.

For example, we use adhesives of the same quality as the glue with which the best boats are manufactured. The material of the pads we use is of high quality (see also the page on repair materials). We also have several useful tools and through our experience we know exactly the weaknesses of different types and brands of boats. We often see at a glance where to look. So we can detect even the smallest holes and we can provide the ideal conditions – such as the right temperature and humidity – to make any boat repair successfully at once.

Knowledge & expertise in repair and maintenance since 1982

Besides repair services we also offer a regular check on your boat. Our staff will then assess on the base of their expertise whether preventive maintenance is required or not. The benefit of this is that you are not faced with unpleasant surprises. Not only financially, as slowly getting worse, easy to repair, (light) damage which suddenly has developed into severe damage with higher associated costs, but also emotionally: it is very annoying when you finally want to return your boat to the water after winter and your boat is not functioning properly.